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Wisdo is where people go to get help with life's big challenges, from peers who have been there before. Winner of the Google Play Award for Social Good.
Whether you're dealing with depression, having your first child, entering retirement, or working to improve overall wellness, Wisdo offers support with 70+ demographic-specific communities, nearly 2 million users, and trained Helpers, Guides, and Coaches. When we met Wisdo, they had a dream and some capital. Through our Discovery process, we explored “social health” in a digital world via research, user testing, and focus groups, co-creating the foundation for what Fast Company hailed as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” of the year. We leveraged mobile best practices and collaborated with users, bloggers, and content creators to launch the award-winning app and brand. Emphasizing value for the initial users by targeting niche communities, Wisdo achieved remarkable results, including the Google Play Award for Social Good, Fast Company's “Most Innovative Companies” Award, and over 500,000 daily active users, raising more than $9M within 18 months of launch.
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