Personal Project

SKINNER Techwear

(2022 - Present)
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SKINNER is a personal project and the world's first counter-surveillance techwear fashion brand.
In the spring of 2020 the BLM and Hong Kong protests highlighted for me a divide in the sophistication of state operated mass surveillance tech and a citizen's right to privacy. I wanted to do something about it, so started with the question: Is it possible counter unlawful mass surveillance with off-the-shelf tech, packaged in a container approachable by any civilian? The answer came several years of R&D later in the form of the SKINNER jacket which makes you invisible to all forms of mass surveillance simply by wearing it. Building in public on TikTok, we amassed millions of views, and a waitlist of more than 40,000 before dropping the jacket in Nov.2023, which sold out our initial run for 650 units instantly. Since then we've done several more runs of our V1 jacket and have developed several other prototypes which are positioned for a 2025 release.
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