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Uniqlo AI Marketing

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Dynamic In-Store Marketing Powered By In-The-Moment Location Visitor Analytics.
Uniqlo USA, facing both opportunities and challenges as it expanded in Western markets, turned to Polyform for a new vision that blended the analytic power of e-commerce with their renowned in-store experience. During a collaboration in New York City, we identified the inefficacy of Uniqlo's in-store marketing via paper posters. Our solution was to create an in-store experience that identified shoppers upon entry and delivered tailored marketing messages. We designed and installed visual sensor arrays to gather non-identifying analytics, such as height, weight, and clothing size, and developed the Uniqlo Go software to display personalized messages on custom “Easel” display units. The Uniqlo Connect system, featuring smart try-on mirrors, endless aisle kiosks, and heat-mapping sensors, integrated online and in-store inventory management with live visitor data, resulting in significant cart-size improvements and a strategic shift across North American locations.
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