Uniqlo USA
Principal Designer

Uniqlo Smart Store

Live Website
Connecting E-Commerce & In-Store with Hardware & Software
Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo took the world by storm, rising to be the 2nd largest global retailer after breaking into the Western market. New stores, new customers, and massive scale presented opportunities and crisis alike, which the Japenese have a word for: Wéijī. In the Wéijī situation Uniqlo USA found themselves, I joined the team to help with a new vision that combined the analytic & marketing power of an e-commerce site, with the in-store experience that had made Uniqlo famous. From concept to a 20 store pilot, I lead discovery & design across hardware, software, and CX. The results of our Smart Store pilot informed massive in-store CX & technology improvements across more than 2,000 stores worldwide.
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